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Page Manifest Extractor
Extract a Sharepoint Page Manifest/XML

This is a Sharepoint 2013 WSP Package, which enables fetching a Sharepoint page’s element xml. The package adds a few custom ribbon buttons on some characteristically chosen locations, which allows a developer like someone to get an element definition of page. This element definition in XML can be packaged using Sharepoint Module Features to provision the page on the same farm or some other subsequent farms.

The package essentially packs the following:
  • An Application or Layout Page which is used as Modal Pop up to display a page's XML.
  • A feature which adds few custom button on Sharepoint 2013 ribbon
  • Some dll which holds the code for fetching a Page's Manifest XML
  • Some resource files such as images, java script and localization files.

A detailed explanation of the working of this solution can be found at the below url;

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